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GHC global was founded in 2008 by a team of experts to provide education and career guidance consulting services for students seeking higher education abroad. The founders and consulting team of GHC have extensive experience as we have built a dignified prominence working alongside working In collaboration with IIHS. Our mission is to ensure quality services by providing support, guidance and counseling to students throughout their educational and visa process. Our strength is a personalized service where we act as an immediate advocate for pathways, programs and universities. Over the years we have built rapport and reputation for our success, with prestigious universities for higher education abroad. GHC global has the privilege of representing multiple universities and colleges. Recently our portfolio of such expressions around the world has grown being able to offer an abundance of options to our clientele. At GHC global we value our clientele and our endless appreciation indicates they value us. Our students have given us five stars in overall experience. GHC offers a variety of services including career counseling, academic courses, educational institutions, and country selection support, simplifying the visa process, travel and accommodation preparation, part time job opportunities and relevant information required. Having access to universities in Canada, Australia, England and Finland. The main focus is to offer a variety of programs to our potential clientele for full-time undergraduate and post graduate programs to migration opportunities. We work closely with potential candidates to choose the best academic destinations, the right institutions, the most convenient studies, language courses as well as migration pathways.

Our Team



Years of Experience

Minnell Vander Poorten is a reliable and highly recognized Director Of Operations for GHC global education, with over a decade of experience, with local as well as international connections which requires a genuine commitment in building a rapport and the ability to travel with liberty. Minnell has been successful in engaging the students by caring for their journey and supporting their progress. Encouraging them to pursue an education and career abroad. Further, it is also a great responsibility, as their future depends on the decision they make today. Serving students who visit us with a lot of expectations and confidence, we personally feel it our bounden duty to help them achieve their dreams of pursuing higher education overseas and a stable future.




Our Global Partnerships


GHC offers students a free personalized consultation providing advice on appropriate courses..


We assist you in gathering important documents and prepare for other challenges..

The Visa Process

Visa document preparation & Visa appointment and application form.....

Pre Department Debriefing

GHC provides a detailed summary of accommodation and facilities at the choice of destination..

Travel and Insurance

GHC consultants assist students in booking air tickets on various airlines..


Our migration consultant who is part of the GHC team will help candidates make concise decisions..